Get Your Ink Ready

October is a month filled with spooky pumpkins, the changing of leaves, and wearing oversized sweaters. Like the weather, there is going to be a change in the artwork you see on social media. Artists are getting ready for the worldwide phenomenon called Inktober. In this special event, artists create different pieces of artwork every day in October using solely ink.

So how does one prepare for this event? Some artist like to plan for each day; however, this event is all about having fun and growing as an artist, so feel free to just wing it! For me, I like to organize my thoughts into my drawing journal because it helps me keep a schedule. Others like to make a digital piece. Whatever works for you.


Now you need to gather your materials to start this fun project. First, you are going to need paper. You can either use your sketchbook for this or get special paper, like watercolor or mixed media paper. Personally, I like to use watercolor paper because I found that it soaks in the ink very well and prevents smudging or smearing. Next, you want to get your ink. There are TONS of different types of ink out there; you just have to find the one right for you. I normally use black India ink with a pentel aquash watercolor brush pen, different sizes of watercolor brushes, and a pental pocket brush. Or, I will use precision pens such as micron or Prismacolor.

Now one of the questions that get’s passed around is: can I use ink that is not black? Some artists out there are sticklers for the traditional black ink, while others believe in adding color in their pieces. The people who only use black believe that it is a classier way and that it is the “true way” of this project. However, the ones that use color may want to put emphasis on an area or just brighten their day up with color. The creator of this event, Jake Parker, doesn’t specify in his rules to use or not to use color; he just says to use ink!

Now you’re ready to start creating your masterpiece! Remember, this is supposed to be a fun and relaxing thing to do, so it’s ok if you miss a day or don’t think your art looks good. Don’t forget to post it with the #inktober and #inktober2017 and make sure to send those beautiful creations our way! Happy inking!

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