Ten Musical YouTubers You Need To Hear

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As YouTube continues to rise in popularity and more people fall further down YouTube rabbit holes, many creators on the site have turned to making music, writing books, and an overall passion for the aesthetically pleasing. This has opened up a new platform for others to enjoy once hidden artists the world may not have known otherwise. This is especially true on the musical side of the platform, leading to a rise of musicians on the site recording music that is now available online and in stores alongside more mainstream artists. Here are ten musicians you need to hear that are bringing their musical talents to the world and killing it through YouTube.

  1. Dodie Clark

Known by some as her channel name, doddleoddle, Dodie started her YouTube channel in 2011 with an original song entitled “Rain.” Her postings include original songs, mostly played on her ukulele, about mental health, relationships and sexuality, with a mixture of covers and collabs sprinkled throughout. With this, she has seen a large amount of growth, now having over 1.2 million subscribers, allowing for a rise of opportunities for the young artist including the release of two EP’s: “You” and “Intertwined.”


  1. Rusty Clanton

Also beginning his channel in 2011, Rusty Clanton’s channel contains a mixture of covers and originals from across the years. He more so brings light to the YouTube music community as many of his covers are those of other YouTubers. His raw talent, combined with his aesthetically pleasing, quality videos create an overall experience unlike the originals. He has released an EP of covers titled “Songs by Other People” and a few of his originals. His following is small, with only about 80,000 subscribers, however he is definitely worth a listen


  1. Pentatonix

One of the more famous acts on this list, Pentatonix got its start as an acapella group in 2011. While their group has grown significantly, with multiple recording contracts, two tours, and a number of albums, their presence on YouTube is still going with 13.7 million subscribers, and a growing number of acapella covers getting millions of views a piece. While one of the members, Avi Kaplan, has left the group and the others members in the group have created their own platforms, this group overall continues to kill the game on YouTube


  1. Avriel & the sequoias

Featuring the former member of Pentatonix, Avi Kaplan, this Folk group is bringing a new sound to popular songs. They released their first EP “Sage and Stone” in April 2017 and have amassed close to 400,000 subscribers on Avi’s Channel. Avi’s well known deep voice combines with three others and shows a different side to this musician’s range of work.


  1. Hayley Klinkhammer

Starting her channel 10 years ago, Hayley Klinkhammer has grown her channel solely off of originals and covers. She is known for her use of a looper pedal, which allows her to bring the feeling of a group or band with only one person. She has accumulated over 260,00 subscribers, has gone a couple college tours, and has released a couple EPs and original songs over the years.


  1. Boyce Avenue

Starting as a Rock band over 10 years ago, this band has flourished both on YouTube and off. They have a variety of originals and covers that they continue to post on their page, which has over 10.2 million subscribers. They have released many albums and while they used to be signed with an outside record company, they now own their own label. Their covers and collaborations with others take the popular songs you know in a direction you wouldn’t expect.


  1. Rob Scallon

Known mainly for his handiwork on a guitar and the creation of a guitar out of a shovel, Rob Scallon does things with six strings that are hard to find elsewhere. His main channel has grown to over 1.1 million subscribers. While his channel is popular for his sole use of the guitar for original songs, he has may covers of metal and rock songs that are equally as amazing.


  1. Jon Cozart

His main channel, paint, is filled with original music and covers. However, he is most popular for his parody versions of songs and comical music. His channel, currently at just over 4 million subscribers, features parodies ranging from Disney and Harry Potter to comical looks at social media as a whole.


  1. Bethan Leadley

Also known by her channel name, musicalbethan, Leadley started her channel 8 years ago. Her channel encompasses a range of videos including original music, covers, and “ha videos,” where she simply discusses whatever is on her mind. She has released a single on Spotify and has been on tour under her last name Leadley. Her channel has brought in close to 310,000 subscribers.


  1. Humble the poet

Humble the poet uses his channel to inspire change in the world. He is known for his rap, but his channel, started 9 years ago, contains originals, covers, and poetry/spoken word videos.  All of these works are intended to incite a change in thought and an overall change for the good, focusing on inclusion and self- love. He is also seen in music on other’s channels, including music on Lilly Singh’s channel. His channel currently has over 180,000 subscribers. His positive influence brings a new light to music in the YouTube community


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