My Top 5 Halloween Makeup Tutorials of 2017

Makeup is one of my favorite hobbies, and also one of the most overlooked art forms. So when it comes time for Halloween I am nothing but excited to see how creative some people can get with it. Youtube is a great community where many are able to share their creativity and art through the means of makeup. Check out these 5 tutorials for Halloween makeup!

1. Pennywise glam:

I really like how people have been combining the scary aspects of costumes with glam makeup to form a beautiful yet edgy mix of the two. This amazing tutorial was created by the Youtuber Kathryn Bedell.

2. That’s So Raven Cow:

This tutorial was created by the youtuber TooMuchMouth. This is first on my list because I loved That’s So Raven when I was younger and this costume relates to one of my favorite episodes. Also, I have never seen anyone recreate this yet, so it gets extra points for creativity.

3. Glitter Pennywise: 

This next IT makeup tutorial is more on the scary side, which I would expect nothing less from the youtuber Glam&Gore.


Mean Girls is a classic in my eyes. I will never forget the moment when Regina got hit by that school bus. So when I saw a tutorial for her prom look after the accident, I was very interested. You do not see many makeup tutorial for movies that are not scary. Also, I had never seen this before, so creativity points were added for sure. This tutorial was made by the youtuber My Pale Skin.

5. Bratz Doll:

Bratz were my go to doll when I was younger. To see it come to life through makeup was like I was in the movie Life-Size. I loved how she did not stray too far away from the original design of the doll to make this tutorial truly authentic. This tutorial was done by the youtuber Alissa Ashley.


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