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An Open Letter to Small Talk

Dear Small Talk,

This is going to be awkward, but that’s how things get done. I don’t know how else to say this, but we’re done. Totally through. Yes, I am breaking up with you.

The weather really isn’t that interesting, and I get so bored hearing about the day’s events again and again and again.

How many times can I say my name, major, hometown, and favorite ice cream flavor with the same enthusiasm? Honestly, I just feel awkward. I don’t know what to say, there are so many rules for a comment to be acceptable! You must have forgotten too that my mind reading capability hasn’t grown in yet.

Be honest, you know I am never fine when you ask, “How are you?” I am breaking, in fact, I am broken, and in response, you give me a mask like the ones worn by everyone else.

You live in fear –– fear of the controversial, the sensitive, the unknown. In desperation, you cling us to the security of predictability. How can we dare to be bold when you whisper, “play it safe?” You turn friendships into acquaintances and paint life as a game of strategy and control.

Have you ever considered that we all are deeply intrigued by complexity, perhaps even long for it, but we are too afraid of the risks?

What happened to philosophical discussions in the park or plans to take over the world in between classes? Where did zeal and creativity go?

What did you do to me?

You might ignore this, and continue on without a care. Or perhaps you’ll reconsider and next time take a little risk and then a bigger one and a bigger one. Then again, this may go all over your head –– after all, that is what you do best.


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