The Chronicle Blog

Welcome to The Chronicle’s newest adventure: a blog!

Just as The Chronicle magazine is a representation of the creativity, talent, and personality of Clemson University’s student body, The Chronicle: The Blog is a representation of the staff behind the scenes.

As a literary and arts magazine staff, we strive to be a group of individuals that value personal expression and the promotion of the arts. In creating an amazing magazine, our main focus is to uplift and advocate for student artists and writers. In doing so, our own works are often forgotten or left behind in the pursuit of promoting others. As a staff, we felt our own creativity needed to be harnessed; and thus, The Chronicle: The Blog was born.

We hope you enjoy this inside look at the minds behind The Chronicle, but most importantly, we hope you are inspired to continue creating, continue growing, and continue exploring the world of literature and art.

-The Chronicle Staff

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