A Fairytale for the Modern Girl- A Poem By Taylor Summey

(Once upon a time…)

This city is
made of
all of the sins
my mother
warned me about.

(Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?)

Maybe the frost
in the air
makes me
want to disregard
all of these things.

(He’ll huff and he’ll puff and he’ll follow you home.)

The danger
of the city,
stretching out
before me
like the edge
before a
almost slips
my mind.

(Those who live in straw houses should keep a low profile.)


(And wolves, of course, always travel in packs.)

I don’t remember
the last time
I walked at night
keys gripped between
body tensed to
lungs prepared to

(Why are girls always the prey and never the predator?)

(Whatever happened to the she-wolf?)